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Re: Driver for ATI

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike  <reznaeous@adelphia.net> writes:

    Mike> Ramachandran Chidambaram wrote:
    >> pl help me to get a link to download Video driver for
    >> ATI 3D Rage Pro.Ramachandran

    Mike> That uses the Mach64 chipset, which has been supported quite
    Mike> nicely in the X Window System for quite a long time.  With
    Mike> X4.1 it is now accelerated.  No need to download a seperate
    Mike> driver.

What do you mean with "accelerated"?  I could be wrong, but AFAIK, the
mach64 driver (= complete server) in 3.3.6 is accelerated.

If you mean 3D acceleration... well, then either you know more than me
or you're simply misinformed.

3D acceleration (= DRI) support is not there yet... people are working
on it, or want to work on it, but the nonavailability of docs is
making this difficult.[1]

There's 3D acceleration for Rage Pro chips in 3.3.6, with the Utah-GLX
stuff.  Though... it's one hell of unstable and uneven on this
machine.  (Some stuff works, other stuff just crashes the X
server... which apps do what depends on the GLX settings).

Bye, J

[1] Yes, I know ATI has a good reputation... but even though they
didn't do an Nvidia, they still restrict access to their docs.  They
officially refer you to XFree86, and from what I've read on dri-devel,
becoming an XFree86 developer is not that easy... ask if you want the
gritty details.  (This is all just my POV, of course...)

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