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AW: LPRng vs. CUPS?

> OTOH, without additional packages, it works best only with PS
> printers.  It has generic drivers for Canon and HP inkjets, but they
> aren't too good.  It's not as easy to use GS drivers or other drivers
> with it, although I believe there are Debian packages for these tools
> to make it easier.

I use CUPS since ~1 month and I'm very pleased with his results. If you
download gimp-print and compile/install it with './configure --with-cups &&
make && make install', you will have a whole bundle of new printer-drivers
relaunching CUPS, including most of the commercial printers which are
available on the market.

Concerning the stability, i can aggree with you; sometimes I have the dim
feeling that the web-interface doesn't know what the command-tool knows;
reciprocally its the same. There is a lot elbowroom for further patches, i
think :-).



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