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Re: Debian Firewall

I have a potato r3 doing that job some of the tasks you mention,
it's a poor 586 with 32MB ram,
only 500MB of HD
What I did was install base system I did't check any grout in simple mode (tasksel)
and then, I installed what I needed (apache, ssh, so on)
Just my experience

At 10:11 a.m. 24/07/01 -0400, Case, Benjamin wrote:
I want to setup a firewall for my home LAN. I will have 5 - 10 PC's behind
it. It will be running on a PPro 233 w/ 80mb RAM, and 2 Intel 100mb NIC's. I
want a lot of features. I want a lot of features:

Security, Security, Security
SSH Daemon
NAT (Masq)
Port Forwarding
Graphical (web based ?) Network Analysis
PPPoE support
VPN support
Convenient Method of Configuration (Web based, GUI based ?)

I would also like it to be fairly upgradable. I love APT-GET, and would love
to have the core of this firewall be Debian so that I can do my updates with
this method. I also would like to experiment with the CISH (Cisco simulated)
shell provided by the Linux Router Project.

What is the best apporach to creating this Firewall. Should I start with my
own basic install of Debian and build from there ? Is there a floppy or CD
based image worth trying that is based on Debian ?


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