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Re: pthreads and sigaltstack on i386

>How are you compiling it? Seems to work okay under
> Sends itself SIGUSR1, goes into sigsuspend, is woken
up, handles
> the signal, and exits (by the way, main always
returns an int ;).
> I don't see any threads stuff, so how the
pthread_sighandler error?
> I compiled as:
> $ gcc -g -Wall -o sigstack sigstack.c

I left out the pthread stuff for simplicity since it
doesn't appear essential to demonstrate the problem. 
And indeed, I know that the above compile line works. 
But now try:

   gcc -g -Wall -o sigstack sigstack.c -lpthread

This is enough to enable pthread stuff to break the
code.  Running the code under gdb confirms that
pthreads are active.


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