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Re: Newbie Question

	Subject: Re: Newbie Question
	Date: Sun, Jul 22, 2001 at 07:40:57AM -0400

In reply to:dude

Quoting dude(dude@deletia.com):
> What yopu can do is use debfoster
> ie it will see what o have removd and see what other packaged go along
> with it and ask you if you want them removed too.
> I find it cleans out packaged that i dont really need
> thus
> to remove gnome, apt-get remove one gnome pacakge
> run debfoster
> and select what you still want and dont want to keep
> > a silly question:
> > Are there some simple method, not "dselect", to uninstall sth. in a group,
> > i.e. Gnome, i'd like use only Blackbox in my small Notebook.
> > but i have already installed gnome with "tasksel", and use tasksel i cannot
> > uninstall, or Problem is my test version "Woody"?

  2nd time you recommended debfoster.  You must be using 'testing' as
  I can't find it on my slink, potato or woody boxes.  He did say he
  was running woody.
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