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Re: Email line-length defaults to about 76; how to increase?

On Sunday 22 July 2001 12:48 pm, Jameson C . Burt wrote:
> My email lines get split after about 76 characters.
> How could I change this to something longer,
> or should email lines be split at 76 characters?

If you make your line length anything more than 80 characters you will annoy 
a lot of people with character based mail readers.  Something a bit less than 
80 is better -- 76 is OK.

> This limit causes problems whenever I email Linux syslog lines,
> which are seldom less than even 90 characters in length.

And how often do you email syslog entries as compared to other types of text? 
Everyone understands that log entries are going to wrap.  If it's important 
to you, change your line lengths for that particular message, but change them 
back for everything else.

> I haven't been able to determine if this line-length limit is set
> by exim, procmail, or perhaps my mail user agent (balsa).

It almost certainly set in your MUA.

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