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ipchains for the firewall challenged

Hi all,

I'm playing around with ipchains, but I'm just not getting the
example given in the IPCHAINS-HOWTO. It's based on a system that's
forwarding packets, but I'm not doing that. All I have is a single box
connected to the world with a cable modem connected to eth0.

It doesn't seem to be that difficult, and I'm feeling really stupid
for not being able to figure it out. I think what has me confused is
the HOWTO author's use of user-defined chains and then compounding the
difficulty is that he has set up most (all?) jumps from the forward

Are there any docs for the simple minded? I've searched on Google and
have found a lot of examples pertaining to forwarding.

Thanks in advance for any direction on this.
Mark Wagnon <mwagnon1@home.com>

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