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Re: MUA with html support

On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 03:16:55PM -0700, Duncan Watson wrote:
| Hi all,
| I am a current mutt/fetchmail user and have been for two years or so.  I
| use Linux at home and at work and keep about 630MB of mail in various
| maildirs.  I use mail to keep all sorts of notes and crap as well.
| Overall I love mutt and am greatly attached to many little features of it,
| BUT I am constantly getting mail that only looks good/readable in html
| format (including color).  Also there is some weird interaction between
| fetchmail and the local exchange server that causes exchange to strip the
| rtf portion of messages that I download.  In other words I get exchange's
| plain text conversion only.  This doesn't affect on of my co-workers that
| uses kmail (both as an MUA and half an MTA (download only)).
| So I am looking for either a super duper lynx-like tool that can render
| html attachments pretty and colorful or a new MUA that has similiar
| features.

The links in woody can handle color (at least to some extent), you
might want to try that.  For sending HTML mail you could try something
like gnp (It is an editor intended for HTML) and set the Content-Type:
header yourself.  

| I was tempted to look at balsa but the package is currently broken
| and downloading half of gnome always annoys me.

Balsa has a fairly nice GUI and can render HTML mail (and images,
IIRC) but it doesn't handle mailing lists (like mutt does) and I don't
think it can send HTML mail.


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