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Re: [OT] IP to phone

hi ya oivvio

i am digging into the same thing... ( haphazardly looking )
- am calling uk from california... expensive...

- issues....
	- "pay" another party to get to use their service
	to get "free intenrational phone calls" ... 
	( watch out for all the silly restrictions )

	- need hop-on and hop-off service

for pc-to-pc... there are many options... ( too many )
	( linux apps )

for pc-to-realphone ..... just found 2 linux-based apps
	- gazillion MS windoze apps
for video conferencing .... just a few ...
	( look for video servers or video conferencing

c ya

On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, oivvio polite wrote:

> Hi.
> I've been doing some transatlantic phone calls lately and plan on doing a lot 
> more. Even though phone rates have droped a lot in Sweden the last years my 
> phone bill is bound to get rather high.
> Are there any IP-to-telephone services that  will work with debian? 

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