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Re: Again NE2000 network device

also sprach Björn Fischer (on Fri, 20 Jul 2001 06:03:25PM +0200):
> it is me again, trying to start the "ne" module. Now the module is actually
> trying to start, but alway quits with the message "Resource or device busy".
> I started the ne module with the following parameters:
> modprobe ne io=0x260 irq=9
> The io and irq are the ones windos promted when having a look at the
> resources of the card.
> I have had a look into either /proc/ioports and /proc/interrupts, and 0x260
> and 9 was not occupied by a different device.

still, especially NE2000 cards aren't plug and play mostly. and even
if, you need to configure them to use a certain irq and io port, using
jumpers or software. the options to the module must match these data.

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