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fetchmail, mutt, masqmail

This sounds smart, small and fast - since Heather told me to use a
lot of customized fetchmail-scripts.

Can you tell me (newbie) how to configure and command masqmail to read
and send mails while on a dialled-in-connection (pppd, pop3, smtp).
As MUA I use mutt.


> Hi all,
> Get rid of fetchmail and use masqmail to fetch your mails as well as to 
> que and deliver them.  I do this and have no problems retrieving mail from 
> two different mail servers.  Masqmail also supports apop which does not 
> send your mail password unencrypted like pop3 does.  You can use 
> authenticated smtp with cram-md5 encryption to send mails to your 
> smarthost, thus minimizing the possibility of someone sniffing your 
> password and misusing your mail account.
>   Paul T Wright <paul@cvanet.com>

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