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Re: PHP4(fixed one problem, now I have another)-SOLVED

There was a mysql lib that was corupted.  I started doing manual quaries on 
my database and was able to track it down.


On Thursday 19 July 2001 20:23, you wrote:
> Wayne Sitton wrote:
> > Part of my problem was apache.  I had installed apache & php4 before I
> > upgraded it to woody.  Somehow during the upgrade something must have
> > happened to apache.  I uninstalled both apache & php4, the reinstalled
> > both. Not it's reading the php webpages
> Now it is?  Good stuff.
> > But now it's having problems accessing my mysql server.  I installed the
> > php4-mysql package.  I remember before that someone said there was a
> > problem with that package in woody, but that the one from sid works fine.
> > Anybody know?
> Rings a bell, but I don't use mwsql.
> Search the mailing list.

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