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Re: How do you edit the /etc/hosts with the smtp information - fetchmail problems

also sprach D-Man (on Thu, 19 Jul 2001 04:06:17PM -0400):
> telnet provides console access to a port.  Sure, telnet is a protocol,
> but the telnet protocol just negotiates terminal capabilities.  If
> you're not connecting to telnetd you get no capabilities aside from
> sending a character and receiving a character.  If you telnet to the
> smtp port then you are being your own MTA and must type all the SMTP
> protocol data manually.  It is useful for testing the MTA you are
> connecting to because you see _everything_ it tells you and it is also
> useful for toying around with network protocols.

you have a point. and all i wanted to do is promote netcat, which is
faster and handles better, IMHO.

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