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Re: embarrassing X question

On Thu, 19 Jul 2001, Richard Black wrote:

> For some reason, I can no longer remote login to another terminal and
> display stuff on mine!  This started happening last week (with,
> possibly, the changes to gdm...)
> I have tried many different things.  Typical is something like:
> [local machine]
> xhost +
> rlogin remote
> [remote machine]
> export DISPLAY=local:0.0
> nedit
> But all I get is:  NEdit: Can't open display
> Any ideas?  Help would be greatly appreciated!

I also noticed that i lost the ability to remotely server xwindows

I noticed that the /etc/X11/xinit$ "xinitrc" file had changed
and that the nolisten command was no longer present.
(which should be of concern since it now means all xsevers will serve
automatically, when they should be turned off by default)

I wonder if this has anythign to do with it.


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