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Re: How do you edit the /etc/hosts with the smtp information - fetchmail problems

Hi -
	I had to repost this via mailing-list, since I found out that when you post via news, it doesn't get in the mailing list. That is, news is only a sort of "back up".

In article <9itceo$l0bg3$1@ID-78052.news.dfncis.de>, hzi@uol.com.br wrote:
> Hi-
> 	I've been having prblems with fetchmail, getting a "SMTP connect failed" message.
> 	Since I read in the fetchmail FAQ that the problem could be that my SMTP
> port listener is down or inaccessible.
> 	The configuration of my /etc/hosts file has no line refering to SMTP. I reckon
> this is the problem.
> 	Can you guide me in writing /etc/hosts in order to enable SMTP?
> 	Thank you.
> 	The fetchmail FAQ I'm referring to is at:
> 	<http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/fetchmail/fetchmail-FAQ.html#T1>
> 	Regards,
> 	Henry

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