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Re: Audio CD Problems with Potato

excerpted from usermod(8):

       -G group,[...]
              A  list  of  supplementary groups which the user is
              also a member of.  Each group is separated from the
              next  by  a  comma, with no intervening whitespace.
              The groups are subject to the same restrictions  as
              the group given with the -g option.  If the user is
              currently a member of a group which is not  listed,
              the user will be removed from the group


* Mark Wagnon (mwagnon1@home.com) [010715 22:56]:
> On 07/16/01 07:20:47 +0200, Joost Kooij wrote:
> > 
> > Better is: add your user to the cdrom group and chmod the device to that
> > group instead of disk.  
> Thanks for the heads up. I know how to add a user to a group, but how
> does one remove a user from a group? I'm looking at the man page for
> usermod right now, and not really feeling too confident that it's
> going to do what I want. I don't want to remove myself from other
> groups, especially my default group.
> Can you (or anyone else) give me a hint?
> Thanks again!
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