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Re: [OT] beware citibank!

Vineet Kumar <debian-user@virtual.doorstop.net> writes:

> ---Very OffTopic---

But very true!
> Anybody thinking about opening an acount with Citibank, beware.
> I recently opened an account with them, wooed by their rating as "#1
> for the Internet Transactor". Offering free online bill payment was
> also very attractive.
> Unfortunately, I was unable to get their site to cooperate with me
> using any of Mozilla, Netscape 4.77, or Konqueror. Their site is so
> javascript-heavy (and broken) that I could only get it to work with
> IE/Win32. Unacceptable.

Recently, I got their site back to work with netscape 4.7x, but not

I contacted them already several times about the issues. At least, ns
4.7 seems to work again.

Mozilla just doesn't work.

I think it is pretty ignorant to say "we care about security" and the
only way to get in is via a pretty unsecure OS/Browser (That's
actually what I told them when they redesigned their "Direct Access"
and it wasn't working with netscape 4.7x on Linux).

They check your browser not by actually checking javascript and 128bit
encryption but only by name and OS.

I really hope they'll fix their site soon.

> I have closed the account and explained to them what must be done for
> their site to be considered good, useful, or even functional. I just
> want to warn everyone that business should be taken elsewhere.

You're right. Being the biggest retail bank in the world and forcing
people to use a certain browser/os just doesn't fit.

Fortunately, there are alternatives out there (but not many, I guess).

> Advocacy counts most when we choose to make conscientious decisions to
> effect economic results. I'll take my business elsewhere, and I urge
> that you do, too.

I'd like to, but I need the account only for another 11 months, so
it's actually more hassle for me to change everything than to live
with these ignorants.

But it was definitely a good idea to bring this issue up!

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