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RE:But ....

shyamk@eth.net writes:
 > The details are :
 > Total disk size 8.3 GB
 >         Primary DOS part. : 1.96 GB
 >                     Used : 1.66 GB
 >                     Free :  302 MB
 > Still Mr. fips is not happy . He says that the last cylinder is
 > still not free .

There are some instructions in the fips documentation about deleting
certain files, or moving them.  Have you tried that?

 > Is there any way of installing Linux onto a FAT (Win 98) part. ,
 > without standing the risk of losing data (either of the disk or of
 > the partition ) ?

Yes there are ways to do this--check out Phat Linux, Armed Linux, or
Dragon Linux.


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