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Re: A small doubt ..

On Sun, 15 Jul 2001 shyamk@eth.net wrote:

> Is there any way to install Debian potato r3 , on a Win 98 machine , .... onto an
> existing partition ?
> Will the installation process necessarily remove data from a disk ?
> fips (the partitioner) was telling me that I needed to keep at leaset the last
> cylinder (on my primary DOS partition) free . But somehow I have not been able to
> push out sufficient data .
> I want the existing system intact ... + Debian Linux
> I hear that this is possible with Debian and not Red Hat.

You can do this.

How big is your hard dirve and how full is it?

Essentially what you need to do, defrag (i do it at least twice)
to make sure that as much data as possible is at the "front" of
the hard drive.  Then use FIPS (Use the DOS version) to split it into two

THen when you install debian.  choose the newly created second partition
to install debian on.

LEt me me know if you need more help


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