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Re: Getting dselect and apt-* to work from a local file system

I absorbed everything that was posted about this, and gained a better understanding of how everything works, but there is still a problem. I decided it was time to start downloading some packages and see if I could get everything to work, but when I went to dselect to see what I wanted to install so I could get a list of packages to download, it occurred to me that I still have my original problem, that dselect gives me that "parse error: duplicate value for user-defined field 'meta-package' in file /var/cache/apt/available" or whatever it was, I wrote the exact error message in my posting that started this thread. That was the root of all the problems. Dselect won't process the packages list, and if I delete the lists so that error doesn't occur then dselect won't have any package list for me to choose from. Dselect doesn't do much good without a list of available packages, but when it has this list it gives some error that I really have no idea what it means. I don't know what to do here, since I can't delete the list of packages, which makes dselect useless, nor apparently does it want to work with the list either. How can I cure whatever it is that ails dselect? Thanks for your help, I love you guys that have helped me.

                                      Tommy McDaniel
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