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Re: MUAs that compare with Outlook (your chance to show how much better Linux is than MS!!)

Jason Rashaad Jackson wrote:
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> I'm personally using a combination of fetchmail-ssl, procmail, and kmail.
> Handles everything I need it to, and a lot more!
> > - Must be able to handle multiple IMAP-based accounts.  (not necessarily
> > on the same server)
> fetchmail.  Check out the webpage http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/fetchmail.  VERY
> east to set up and get working.  My biggest problem with it was making it
> play nice with the SSL auth on my IMAP server, but that was only a problem
> because I'm a moron.

  I think he wants to access the mail on IMAP as opposed to download
mail from IMAP servers... fetchmail is not useful for that.

> > - Must be able to easily change which account I'm sending email from,
> > ideally selectable from the individual message composition screen.
> KMail all the way.  Set up as many inboxes as you like, and they'll all be
> viewable Outlook-style from the main screen.
> > - Must support caching of IMAP messages to local folders (i.e. offline
> > mode) no -- POP3 won't work for me.
> I use fetchmail, so I'm cheating...my messages have to be local for me to
> even see them (KMail doesn't support IMAP yet).  But the transfer is
> invisible to me.

  Kmail claims to support IMAP but when I set up IMAP server (with SSL)
it never connects, I just tried it yesterday (after reading mails in
this thread). Not sure what's the problem, it's my local IMAP server, I
use it with mutt and netscape (no problems). The other suggested client
was solpheed - that one doesn't seem to support SSL (and wasn't able to
connect to my local IMAP server as well).


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