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Re: your mail

* Sean Quinlan (smq@gmx.co.uk) [010702 14:28]:
> X 4.x has an nv server which will work with your card, but you'll have
> no 3d accelleration, so if you want 3d accelleration, you'll want to
> get the official Nvidia drivers from here (once you've got X running
> with the nv server):
> http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?PAGE=linux
> Get the NVIDIA_GLX and NVIDIA_kernel tar.gz files and install them as
> per the instructions in the README (located on the above page).

FWIW, this is even easier in woody:

apt-get install nvidia-kernel-src nvidia-glx-src

but you'll still have to follow the instructions for using the new
server via XF86Config-4 once you have built and installed your debs.


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