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Re: [users] xset (and therefore Abiword) doesn't work

Thanks for the offer.  Actually, a little more research led me to the
answer.  I found a post on comp.os.windows.x that referred to the
problem.  It seems that when I got the 4.x version of XFree86, the
config script I used did not create the statements to load all of the
appropriate font modules.  X was not able to recognize the fonts in the
abisource directory as fonts, so it error-ed out.  None of the font
directories that had Type1 fonts were being loaded at boot time.

I added the line

        Load "freetype"

in the Section "Module", and that fixed me right up.

Thanks, too for replying; I had meant to post this back to the list and

"Martin F. Krafft" <madduck@madduck.net> writes:

> also sprach George Fischer (on Sun, 08 Jul 2001 09:30:39AM -0500):
>> Well, the directory already has a fonts.scale and a fonts.dir, but I did
>> this anyway.  There was no change to the error message (and the new
>> .scale and .dir files were much smaller than the old ones; I think
>> because there are other font types in the directory besides AFM and PFB)
> i am sorry, but then i don't know how to help you... do send me the
> first post you made to the list again - i lost it. then i'll have
> another thought...
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