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Re: MUAs that compare with Outlook (your chance to show how much better Linux is than MS!!)

Charles Sebold wrote:

> On 21 Tammuz 5761, Kurt Lieber wrote:
> > So, here's a list of my requirements and I'm hoping you guys can point
> > me to an MUA that meets them.  If so, I'll gladly switch over to Linux
> > full-time and forswear Microsoft forever. :) 

> But you seem very wedded to the _way_ Outlook does things; I can almost
> guarantee that the fact that Gnus can do all this, doesn't mean that
> you'll like it.

That's exactly what I thought when I read the list, so declined
to answer it.

I _hate_ it when someone asks me if the so-called great Linux
they heard about can fill their needs and then that someone
proceeds to spell out their needs as exactly what Microsoft
provides them with.  I just reply that they appear to be married
to MS software, and no, it doesn't run on Linux.  What's the
point?  There will always be a pull-down menu that's different,
and we all know that the MS way will be better.

I continue to do stuff _differently_ on Linux.


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