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need help to disable dynamic IP addresses.

Hello, ...

I have juste reinstalled my debian box using the test woody boot floppies.

It worked rather well, apart from a few glithces i will post to debian-boot 

But i was disctracted, i think, when asked about internet configuration,
and as thus got a dynamic IP address from some server on the network.

Since then, i changed the /etc/network/interfaces file to be the same as 
on the old install, and when runnning /etc/init.d/networking restart, ifconfig
shows that the correct IP address is used.

But after a small time, i don't know why, the dynamic IP address is again taken.

What is the reason for that, is there any (debian-specific) doc on disabling 
dynamic IP and reverting to the normal behavior ?

Any help is welcome, htis is really annoying, as altough it works fine for me,
mail and other exterior connections cannot reach me :(((


Sven Luther

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