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Re: Scroll Wheel

Jesper Holmberg wrote:

> What is the recommended way of adding support for the scroll wheel
> (Logitech mouse) under X4.0.3 and Woody?

I have the Microsoft Optical Intellimouse (using the USB-to-PS/2 adapter
so as not to use up one of my two USB ports) with a wheel plus side
buttons; the logic should be quite similar for your mouse.

I run sid, not woody, but I doubt it makes any difference, since we're
both using XFree86 4.0.3.

Basically, the wheel button on the Microsoft mouse maps to buttons 2
(press the wheel), 6 (wheel scroll up) and 7 (wheel scroll down). So
you just configure XFree86 accordingly. I also had to get rid of gpm to
make it work right, though recent posts to this list have shown ways to
get gpm to cooperate.

Here's how my mouse is defined in XF86Config-4:

Section "InputDevice"
	Identifier	"Generic Mouse"
	Driver		"mouse"
        Option          "CorePointer"
	Option		"Device"		"/dev/psaux"
	Option		"Protocol"		"ExplorerPS/2"
	Option		"SendCoreEvents"	"true"
	Option		"Buttons"		"7"
	Option		"ZAxisMapping"		"6 7"

For your mouse, lacking the side buttons of the IntelliMouse, you
would presumably change "Buttons" to 5 and change the ZAxisMapping
to "4 5".


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