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Re: Package installation error -- What is going on?

On Sat, 7 Jul 2001 08:37:08 -0400, David H . Silber wrote:

> **When I recently tried out aptitude, apt-get replaced apt 0.3.19 with apt
> ** 0.5.3.  On the very next install (docbook-doc), I had problems.  I don't
> ** know if it was a problem with the docbook-doc package or of the new apt
> ** package.  In the meanwhile, I'm afraid of installing more packages lest
> ** I compound some problem with the package maintenance system.
> ** 
> ** I'm using unstable, as somewhere alone the line I needed something that
> ** was unavailable in stable or testing.

I use some packages of unstable too and had the same errors with any
packages, installed after the update of apt. And i updated debconf too.

Cause some packages was unusable for me, i downgraded some packages, apt
too, to testing. And i had no problems with apt. Perl is 5.005 and all
works fine. I think that the unstable apt have a bug.

I suggest you to use only this packages of unstable, they are not available
under testing or potato. And those packages of unstable that other unstable
packages depends on. Otherwise you should not use the newest versions.

I have most packages from potato, much from testing und 5 till 10 packages
from unstable. This System works fine and is anought stable for me. No
systemcrash and no tool hangs, after a little bit of work in the configuration 


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