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modem diagnostic?


I'm wondering if there is a way to perform a hardware check on my internal
modem under Debian.

I first started having trouble with it when I was still running Windoze,
but suspected it was a crummy cable. Right arond the time I installed
Debian I got DSL, so didn't install any dialup capabilities. Now I've
moved and won't have DSL for at least a few weeks, and can't seem to
connect out.

I've installed ppp and pppconfig from my potato CDs, and was following
instructions I found in -Running Linux-, 3rd ed., but the best I got was
this message:

"The remote system is required to authenticate itself but I couldn't find
any suitable secret (password) for it to use to do so. (None of the
available passwords would let it use an IP address)."

... one source of confusion for me is that I have yet to hear a dial tone!
That is why I am looking for a simple way to test my modem, if there is

Thanks in advance for any hints.

Glenn Becker

"Everyone's Portal to Nothing At All"

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