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Re: Strange behavior

Is this a very rare condition or am I asking this at the wrong mailing list since no one showed a little bit of interest ? If so could you please tell me where I should ask this at ? 
--- John DOE <bacteria@petekmail.com>
> wrote:
>Hello, I am a new debian user and someone still learning linux. I have a small problem. My company is using a firewall created with Ipchains of 3 zones ( dmz - local - internet ) on a Intel Pentium Pro processor machine running Debian 2.2r3 on it ( base system + mc + tcpdump + nano ).  Strangely enough one of the interfaces ( the internet interface ) completely at arbitrary times start sending packets to itself. Packet proto=1 sourceip:3 rd port to sourceip:1 st port s=0xc0 f=0x0000 t=255 log says. As far as I understand from this log the packet sent is an ICMP packet from port 3 to tcpmux port ( icmp's have ports ? knew they did not ) of size 13 hexadecimals not fragmented and time to live is 255. But this is not possible. 1st no one can use this machine as a terminal and no one can telnet to it's interfaces. 2nd rp_filter is set to 1 for all interfaces ( in case of a spoof attack ) . 
>Can anyone help me about that ? I am sure there is something I do not know but what is it ?  
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