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stable word processor and spreadsheet with graphs

Hope I'm not pestering the list too much, but I think there are and will be others in my situation.

I administer a small network of 10 machines for our small school.

I convinced the board to let me switch the OS from windows NT to Linux. (cheers in background)

I need a stable word processor and spreadsheet w/ graphs. To my knowledge staroffice, which is bloated and inefficient, is the only way to get these.

I really don't want to go the M$ huge package deal approach, but I can't have flaky programs or programs that don't have the features we need, otherwise folks will want to go back to NT.

If abiword were a little more solid and gnumeric had graphs my job would be much easier.

Anybody got any suggestions.

Thanks for your time.  Sorry about wining.

Joe Golden
The Stevens School
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