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Re: [OT] Harassment of open source developer !

Carl Fink wrote:
 Another point:  since "Illustrator" is a good description of the
> being performed by the product, it's probably not a defensible trademark.
> (Note: I'm not a lawyer, and am giving no one legal advice.) By law, you
> can't trademark a description of the product -- for instance, no one can
> trademark "soap" and refuse to let anyone else say their product contains
> soap.  However, to defend this legal point would require way more money than
> it's presumably worth to the KIllustrator developers, since they aren't
> getting paid and Adobe has a huge budget for this stuff.
I totally agree with the exception that I think it's a damn shame that
they CAN get away with pushing the k folks around simply because they
have deep pockets. If they were based here in the US at least they would
have the ACLU  or some other watchdog agency to look out for them. 

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