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Re: uk.debian.org

fair enough, don't understand ms either. why does it contain chinese
characters by the way?

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> Saqib Shaikh wrote:
> > recently a friend of mine wanted to get into linux. i gave him the
> > address of www.uk.debian.org. he phoned me back later and told me that
> > microsoft internet explorer said it contained chinese characters. i
> > also booted windows and had the same problem. ie asks if you want to
> > install support for chinese characters, and if you cancel the page has
> > weird stuff all over it. it i go to www.debian.org there is no
> > problem. i think this is a serious problem, and could someone please
> > tell me who to inform of this strange problem.
> Complain to Microsoft.
> The page DOES contain Chinese characters, as does www.debian.org, of
> which it is a mirror. Down at the bottom of the page, there are brief
> statements in a number of languages, Chinese among them. Why IE
> complains about one but not the other is beyond me.
> The simple workaround, I suppose, would be to go ahead and let IE
> install its Chinese character support. If that doesn't work, then maybe
> IE just fundamentally can't handle a mixture of character sets on a
> single page.
> Craig
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