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Re: how to extract *.deb files, etc.

On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 05:35:25PM +1000, Stephen Jiang wrote:
> I am new to Linux (especially Debian), please help me out.
> 1. Does anyone can tell me how to extract *.deb files? And where can I find Debian's special commands?

These will tell you a little about .deb:

  man dpkg
  man deb

For package management and installation, you're advised to use 
dselect primarily though.

Also look around in the "documentation" and "developers" pages on
the debian website, http://www.debian.org/ .

> 2. I have just installed Debian 2.2 r0 (potato), but XF86 did not work
> (don't have SVGA driver - returned message at first time). So, I used
> VGA16 driver during XF86Setup (second time), the setup program told me
> successfully installed XF86 but it failed after I press ok to continue.

Please stand in line for X problems.  It's the long one..  ;-)

There's probably a few people with fresh blood still on the wall, who
are keen to help you.  Maybe they're just watching silently, as you
perform the "initiation rites".  ;-)

Also look around in the debian-user mailing list archives that you can
find at http://lists.debian.org/ .`



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