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Re: Compiling Debian completely from sources

On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 12:53:44PM -0700, brandtdebianuser@linuxfreemail.com wrote:
>     Is there any way of automatically downloading all the debian
>     packages (that I use) source code, storing it locally for editing,
>     and/or installing it from source?

Nope.  Not easily, anyway, and definitely not automatically.  You can
easily bring down the source to an individual package, make any
modifications, and debianize it (the packaging tools do a lot to
automate this) but there's no way to keep an organized central source

This is a question that's come up quite a bit recently.  I hope that
somebody with more time and/or motivation than myself adopts this task
and does something interesting with it.  I would like to do it, and I
see some rudimentary support for it in the recent versions of the Debian
package support software (apt-get and friends), but a lot still needs to
be done to tie it all together.


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