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Re: Nvidia, GL and root

* Jeld The Dark Elf <jeld@mindless.com> (2001-07-03 21:20):
> I have recently switched from Slackware to Debian ( couldn't wait
> for the Slack 8.0 any longer :) I have a question. I have an Nvidia
> RIVA TNT M64 card. I have downloaded and compiled nvidia-glx and
> nvidia-kernel. I understand that some GL based programs ( cthuga
> being one example ) use Mesa specific functions and will not work
> with Nvidia GL libraries. But nice apps such as quake3 have been
> running fine for me in the slackware past. Now I cannot run them
> unless I am root. Where do I have to change permissions?

I don't remember having to mess with permissions when I did the Nvidia
install on both my machines.  The permissions problem sounds a bit
like something that DRI would give.  Have you commented out the Load
"dri" and Load  "GLcore" lines in your XF86Config-4?  Also, if there's
a Section "DRI" in your XF86Config-4, then comment out the whole
section as well.

If Quake 3 runs fine as root though, it does suggest a permissions
problem.  What error do you get when you try run it as a user?


Sean Quinlan (smq@gmx.co.uk)

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