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Re: [OT] Attn: HP Pavilion 9680C (US) owners

also sprach User zos (on Tue, 03 Jul 2001 12:19:26PM -0400):
> I had the same problem with getting drivers for an HP printer once. I find
> it totally absurd that you pay to buy a printer (or a computer) from a
> company and when you lose the driver disk you have to literally BUY
> another one from them. How is this even legal? By owning the printer you
> automatically should own a driver set and if you lose that, the company
> should make one easily available to you. Boy, I remember the day when you
> could just download pretty much any driver you need from the internet. Not
> on HPs site.....

i would understand that a driver that was developed *after* i bought
the product could be sold, but i should always have the option to
download drivers for products that i own - drivers that were current
when i bought it.

> What's funny is now microsoft is going to try to charge people to *rent*
> their software. Does this mean that one day you will *rent* the drivers
> from HP for a few months or so and then have to rent them again if you
> need to reinstall? Can't we do something about this? I mean really, can't
> you all see that most of the computer idustry is a big scam? I'm sure you
> can.

of course it is. it's called capitalism. and what micro$oft is doing
can be beautifully described by the german word "Volksverdummung,"
which can't be translated into English other than circumscription:
"the act of decreasing the intelligence of a people." and seriously, i
just thought about it while walking the dogs, to anyone that knows a
little bit about computers, micro$oft has caused more grief and harm
than good, right? that's excluding the people that jumped on the boat
and used micro$oft's crap to make money.

> -waking up and wishing I had a cigarette and/or coffee and not liking
> their absence and then ranting...figures. :)

i have one here, come over :)
(what's .bt again?)

ps: at least i just posted a total micro$oft rant to
microsoft.public.win98.comm.modem and that made me feel a whole lot
better. :->

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