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Re: how to run X apps as root?

On Tue, 3 Jul 2001, Arne Goetje wrote:

> Hi,
> sometimes I need to run some X apps as root (i.e. ethereal, lprngtool) but 
> Xlib complains that the server refuses the connection.
> how can I make the Xserver accept programs as root when I'm working as 
> normal user?

   That because Debian recently changed to disable xhost, and now
restricts access on a per user basis (kind of). That's a good move
because xhost was pretty insecure. Now to access X you must show that
you know a secret 128bit or something number that is generated when the
X session starts. So in order for root to be able to access the X
server, you must give him this secret value using xauth.

   But that a pain to do each time you do an su. So I wrote an su
wrapper which transfer $DISPLAY and also transfers the X cookies that
you must have to gain access to the X server. I called is sux and you
can get it from http://fgouget.free.fr/sux/
   You use it just like su:
$ sux -
$ sux - foo
$ sux --untrusted --timeout 30 - foo xterm
 -> created an untrusted cookie that becomes invalid after 30 seconds of
inactivity, typically 30 seconds after you've closed the xterm.

> 2nd Problem: I tried today to run a second instance of startx with -- :1 to 
> run it as root. today it didn't work anymore... I'm using unstable.

   Maybe that because the vt is missing:
$ startx -- vt8 :1
or maybe it is 
$ startx -- :1 vt8

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