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Re: Soundblaster live digital output

On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 10:59:09PM -0400, Ed Falis wrote:
> I have a Soundblaster live value and a speaker system capable of accepting 
> digital input.  Anyone know whether it's possible and how to enable the 
> Soundblaster digital output under Debian?

Furthermore, on a similar note, how well is the Soundblaster Live Platinum
edition supported under Linux?  Platinum is their fanciest one, with the
panel controls that go in an external drive bay.

I'd like to upgrade my soundcard to something fairly modern, with as many
features as can possibly be supported under Linux.  If the support is
good, SB Live Platinum would be nice.  But are there better high-end sound
cards for Linux (within a reasonable price range, though, on par with the
SB Live Platinum).


Matt Garman, garman@uiuc.edu
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