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Re: Re. Total Confusion

    Aside : Not to start a MUA war, but could you ditch Eudora?  It
    seems to work rather badly with replying to a mailing list.  I
    notice that all your posts break the threading displayed in mutt,
    so I find it hard to follow the discussion because it is broken up
    with lots of messages in between.  Anyways, if you notice that my
    earlier post repeats what people said in later posts or asks
    already answered questions it is because I didn't know the thread
    had continued ;-) 

On Sun, Jul 01, 2001 at 07:20:05AM -0700, Sidney Brooks wrote:
| pppconfig will not solve my minicom and wvdial problem. pppconfig enables 
| pon to work and get me on line now.

apt-get remove --purge wvdial minicom

Then it won't be disfunctional anymore ;-).  As Andrew said, if 'pon'
is working, why would you need wvdial?  Once I started using pon (and
minicom to figure out what belonged there, I never used pppconfig) I
removed wvdial and don't waste the disk space.  As I said in my
previous post, in my view minicom is basically a (interactive)
debugger for dialing a modem.  That may not have been the author's
original intent, but it worked well for me in that way.


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