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Re: CVSup equiv. in debian

On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 05:11:55PM +0100, Jamie Heckford wrote:
> One thing I miss is the cvsup utility in FreeBSD, where I could update the
> source and recompile
> the entire source tree.

No, sadly we really don't have an equivalent in Debian.  While apt-get
does allow you to pull down the source code for packages, we are
primarily focused on distribution of binary packages.  You'll notice a
lack of anything really significant in /usr/src and a complete lack of
/usr/ports.  We don't really have a central "source tree" for all our

Every so often I ponder what it would take to implement such a beast, as
it is one of my favorite features of *BSD, but I haven't ever seriously
considered doing it.

For now you have to use "apt-get source -b foo" which will pull down the
source to the 'foo' package and build it in the current directory.
Future versions of apt-get (that included in woody) support source
dependencies, so I can envision a time when we have some kind of "make
world" functionality.  But it's not there yet.  A good bit of work would
need to be done.  The lack of a central place to put build options
(/etc/make.conf in FreeBSD) limits the possible benefit of such a


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