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Re: ?True type fonts?

On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 09:41:58PM +1000, Alan Davis wrote:
> I have  seen some instructions for improving fonts in Netscape, often
> using True Type fonts.  I resist moving any MS products onto my machine. 
> Are there philosophical or practical arguements for or against using TT
> fonts?  
There are some good arguments for using TrueType fonts on the
screen. I gues the best is that TTFs have a better hinting for
low resolutions (like the screen).

> This question also touches upon TeX/LaTex;  I have also seen instructions
> for installing TT fonts.  I resist.  
I don't really know anything aboutn TTFs in LaTeX but you can
easily install Type1 fonts in LaTeX. Type1 fonts look pretty good
at printer resolutions. Take a look at fontinst which should have
come with your tetex package.

> What---if anything---recommends them?   I am looking for a balanced view; however, I cannot/will not leave philosophical issues behind.  I wish to support free software in every way possible.  
Most of the True Type fonts were created by Monotype not
Microsoft. Hope this helps :))
> At first glance, even in the page http://www2.arnes.si/~mrihta3/ns-unix.html, where Type I fonts are mentioned, I didn't see any instructions for installing them---mainly TT fonts.  

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