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windows manager list in KDM

I just had the problem on 2 computers.  I recently did a fresh install of
Debian 2.2 r2 on my Desktop and my Laptop.  I installed most
packages,xfree86, gnome, etc....  From the cd it installs XDM, and makes
Window maker my default.  No biggy, because untill I started using KDE,
window maker was my choice.  So then I connected to the net, set Debian in
my sources list, then did an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade.

After that, comes my first question,  Since the default install use XDM, and
I now have gnome and Window Maker, Where do I set which one starts as

After the update I select to install GDM, to make sure everything is working
fine.  Once installed and after a reboot, GDM comes up and I see in its
session menu list, I have the selections for Debian(window maker) and Gnome.
 I leave Debian(window makes) as default.  So far so good.

Now, I add kde.debian.net into my sources list, Update, and using Dselect
add task-kde.  I check and make sure, and it's set to install KDM, and
remove GDM.  After everything is finished, I reboot.  Now the real problem.
The sessions list on the KDM only has 2 listings, default and failsafe.
Default is Window maker.  So what the H@## happened to Gnome, and why is KDE
not listed.  If I log into default(window maker), on the menu, under window
managers, all are listed, and I can change between them.  So, why is it not
in the KDM sessions list.  I first thought this was just a glitch, but it
happened on both computers.  I hope someone can help.


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