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big problem


I am running debian unstabe on a couple of my machines. I have run apt-get
update and apt-get upgrade yesterday, and on two machines it ran perfectly, but
the third machine which is a server on LAN which had an 32 days of uptime
crashed with kernel panic caused by dpkg... so I rebooted (kernel 2.4.5). The
fs is reiserfs so the disk check was ok, but after reboot dpkg/apt dont work
any more... it just starts the process and hangs there for ever... I stopped
the process with ctrl+c and than ran it again, it said to do dpkg --configure
-a, but that also failed (countinues infinatelly). 
Could someone please help me fix this, I really wouldn't like to reinstall the
whole system, since apt/dpkg arent usable anymore :/

THX in advance!

Boštjan Müller [NEONATUS], neonatus@neonatus.net, http://neonatus.net/~neonatus
For my PGP key finger: neonatus@neonatus.net, RSA id: 0x90178DBD, ICQ #:7506644
    Celular: +386(0)41243189, Powered by Debian GNU/LiNUX , Student of VFUL
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