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mail server question

I am running Debian Potato on a box that I want to use as a mail server for
my home network. I have a dsl connection and do not have a perm ip of domain
name. I just want the server  to handle all the incoming and outgoing mail
for my network. anyway I am using sendmail but am having a hell of a time
getting it to work. I have tried several changes to the sendmail.mc to make
it do what I want but nothing is workng. It will lose mail or not rewrite
the address so mail is bounced back from isp. I have checked aliases file
genericstable file and everything seems to look ok. this is a new install of
debian and procmail and fetchmail are working. does anyone have any ideas or
tips on how to make this work. I have also checked out moongroup.com and
read their howto's didn't help. or could someone tell me if there is another
mta that is easier to use and configure than sendmail. I am not a system
admin, but I have been using linux for about 4 years now and am not afraid
to hand edit some configu files if I just could figure out what to put
Brad Cramer

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