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Re: HELP!!!

Are you using an AZERTY or QWERZU keyboard by any chance ? Also, does your pasword contain any characters that might be affected by such possible problems.

 vester <a9900876@unet.univie.ac.at> wrote:
>hi everyone --
>i fear i did something stupid.
>i wanted to try and see how good linux games actually work, so i
>downloaded the unreal tournament installer from loki, copied the cds to my
>windows hard disk (because i didn't have support for joliet extension in
>linux) and well...installed, which seemed to work fine. i then tried to
>start, but got some error messages because of missing paths, which didn't
>look very serious really. but then i restarted...on boot up, there were a
>lot of errors found on the hard disk and thus, the root system was mounted
>read-only and i was prompted to run fsck manually. i did that and answered
>yes to the questions (i realise now that i maybe shouldn't have done that)
>and it seemed as if everything had been fixed, for on the next reboot
>everything worked fine...all my scripts were executed and i ended up in
>gdm and wanted to log in...but that didn't work. i switched over to the
>console and tried to log in from there. no way. "login incorrect" is what
>i get for all my user accounts and for the root account too! i am
>desperate...i need to get back into my system! on the one hand i put weeks
>and weeks into configuring and customizing everything and on the other
>hand all my important data are in there...please, please help me...the
>loki support people have not answered me yet and i am on the verge of
>oh yes, my system is debian woody (with a few things from sid) with kernel
>2.4.5...i don't know what else to say. :-(
>thanks all!
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