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Which web server for multiple domains?

I've been using the web server Boa, and generally it has done a good job
without using up too much memory or CPU time. The one thing it doesn't
do that I now need is to host multiple domains as logically-distinct
sites. E.g. if someone requests www.domain1.com (not my real domain
name, btw), I want a different page to come up than if they request
www.domain2.com, even though the DNS addresses for those sites are
identical. From the docs, I think Boa could do it if the two sites were
served through separate network interfaces, but that's not the case
here. There's one network interface, and the only difference between
www.domain1.com and www.domain2.com is the domain in the URL (which I
believe HTTP does provide to the server, so the server should be able
to differentiate based on it).

Does anyone know if Boa can do this, or if any of the other servers
could? (I daresay AOLServer or Apache could, but I'd rather go with a
smaller, simpler server if it will do what I need).



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