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Re: hi masters of linux, surely you know some tricks...

thomas anderson wrote:
> I want to try to put a perl script in the /usr/lib/perl directory however I
> don't have permission access...I tried symlinking it but it still won't work.
> is there I way to do this without becoming root or sudo?

I think you misunderstand how Unix/Linux systems are arranged.

If the script is for your use only, make a 'bin' directory in your home,
add $HOME/bin to your PATH and put the script there.

If the script is for use by all of the users on the system (root,
yourself, others if there are any), login as root and copy the script to
/usr/local/bin. This is generally where executable files that are not
controlled by the packaging system go (some people use /opt/bin). Add
/usr/local/bin to your PATH if it's not alredy there. Don't forget to
give the script appropriate permissions so everyone who is allowed to
use it can.

/usr/lib/perl is for perl library files that came from the perl debian
package. It's a good idea not to add things to there by hand (ie. let
dpkg decide what goes there).

I hope that clears things up a bit.


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