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Re: Serial Mouse problem

There is no need for /dev/mouse to exist. Are you shure you are
connected to a serial port? Another common location is the PS2
mouse port -- usually located next to the microphone connector.
IF on hte PS2 port it would be /dev/psaux.

chriseverist@one.net.au (Chris Everist) writes:

> Hi,
> I have installed Debian twice now and it does not seem to recognise my
> serial mouse.  It is a generic 3 button mouse with a Mouse
> Systems/Microsoft switch on the bottom and I have tried both settings.
> I have run xf86config from the promt and used XF86Setup from within
> Gnome and have no luck.
> I have tried all the possible device options I can think of
> (/dev/ttyS0-4, /dev/mouse) but nothing happens.
> I have checked in the /dev/ directory and cannot find a symbolic link to
> the mouse driver /dev/mouse.
> Do you have any idea what coule be causing this problem?
> Regards
> Chris Everist

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