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Re: Logging Init output?

On Fri, Jun 22, 2001 at 10:52:03PM +0200, Mart van de Wege wrote:
> I was actually being ironic when I mentioned my 'scant' knowledge. At

That's okay, because there are many subscribers to debian-user and some
of them appreciate an answer that does more than reply to strictly the
question asked.  That way, just by reading posts by others, I learnt a
lot myself and I enjoyed it.  When I post, people can correct me if I'm 
wrong about something, which is good because people tend to be a lot more
forgiving than computers.

> least I am happy to report that I know how init works, but I am still a
> little wary of fooling with shell scripting of any sort. Funny thing is
> that I *do* understand moderately complex Perl a lot better. Am I weird or
> not?

Yes, definately.  Just go and bash ahead at those shell scripts.  What can 
go really wrong here?  Just don't do it on your company's database server.
Wait, did you mention "weird"? ;-)

Don't be afraid to fool with the scripts in /etc/init.d.  It's a feature
of the os.  Notice that these files are all interpreted scripts, not a
single one is a precompiled binary.  If the init system were compiled
c code, then that would make booting a lot faster.  The one good reason
why they are shell scripts still, is exactly so that you can hack them.
Even when the system is otherwise totally broken.  As long as /bin/sh,
/bin/awk and some friends work, you can fix things (note you don't really
need an editor even).

I think I learnt a lot about shell scripting from precisely this, 
futzing with initscripts and maintainer scripts and some of my own
little creatures.  



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