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Re: [users] Re: e-mail, the next level

also sprach carl.tan@delphiauto.com (on Fri, 22 Jun 2001 09:40:36AM +0800):
> 1. What if multiple users on my network have set up multiple POP3 accounts in
> the past (before the server was up) and wish to go this way, leaving their mail
> OFF their POP3 accounts, but ON the home server? Can this still be doable? Will
> they be able to send mail which has their POP3 email in the From: ?

of course. the From header is only important while the message is
being delivered. in my scenarios, fetchmail keeps the From ASCII
header, but that has no control over the message delivery anyway,
since the From part is exchanged separately during the SMTP

and if you configured ETRN, it works just as well. in fact, i have a
couple of users doing it that way (me being one).

> 2. Would it be possible to implement some kind of IMAP account(s) on the server,
> so the users just go through an IMAP capable account on their client stations,
> without having to download the mails from the home server to the client hard
> disk? I envision that a daemon would be pulling POP3 mails from the various
> accounts and putting into the respective IMAP accounts.

yes, exactly what erik said.

once the mail is on the home server, you can do whatever you want with
it; forward it, POP3 it, IMAP it, print it, fax it, SMS it, and so

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